9 in 10 Texans Support Decriminalizing Marijuana

New study done by "Progress Texas" shows 93 percent support lessening the punishment for use of marijuana.
By Anne Parker

{Credit: CBS Dallas} 

A survey done by the liberal group, "Progress Texas" found.. more than 9 out of 10 Texans are in favor of loosening marijuana laws.

That same survey suggests 92% in Texas support the use of pot for recreational use, and 93% say they support lessening the punishment, or de-criminalizing marijuana.

Also according to the survey, the majority of texans support legalizing marijuana for medical purposes.

However, most law enforcement groups strongly oppose making it legal for any purpose.

The Nexus Recovery Center for Women in Dallas says of the 2,000 they treat every year, as many as three of four started with marijuana.

"Over and over again we hear the stories about people smoking pot and drinking, and that has to be a part of the conversation smoking pot and drinking alcohol, before you know it, they're full blown addicts," says Executive Director Rebecca Crowell.

However, it is mportant to note that just because the majority supports decriminalizing marijuana... doesn't mean they necessarily support making it legal.
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