American Airlines Makes Emergency Landing in Lubbock

A Boeing 757 headed to Los Angeles from Orlando is diverted to Lubbock due to engine trouble.
LUBBOCK, TX - An American Airlines flight made an emergency landing at the Lubbock International Airport Monday evening due to engine problems. American Airlines Flight 2381, a Boeing 757 was in route to Los Angeles, California from Orlando, Florida with 180 people on board. .

Several Lubbock emergency crews responded to the airport as the large commercial aircraft approached. The plane landed safely at the Lubbock airport just before 8:00 pm. Specific details of the engine problems have not been released. The plane was scheduled to arrive at Los Angeles International at 8:30 pm (Pacific time).

Passengers were instructed on the overhead address system in the airport to not leave the secure portion of the terminal. A few passengers who were able to go outside for a smoke break told they were having another flight chartered to get them to Los Angeles.  Those passengers said the pilot told them mid-flight that there were light engine problems and that it was better for them to land somewhere in Texas than to continue on. The passengers told that American was going to put anyone who missed their connection out of Los Angeles into a hotel for the night.

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