Beat the Heart Attack Gene

Co-authors of Beat the Heart Attack Gene, Amy Doneen and Dr. Bradley Bale, talk about heart disease and simple lifestyle changes that protect the heart.

They touch on the following:

·        Heart disease threatens us all.  Surprisingly, a number of simple lifestyle changes can offer powerful protection against a heart attack

·        Why standard medical care frequently fails to diagnose and correctly treat heart disease. 

·        What really causes heart attacks, and what simple tests will determine if you’re truly at risk

·        Why women are misdiagnosed at higher rates than men, and the warning signs both they and their practitioners often ignore

·        Why your cholesterol numbers likely don’t tell the whole story

·        What you should find out about your DNA – and what to do if it turns out that you have one of the gene variants that increases your risk for heart disease

·        Surprising risk factors for cardiovascular disease, from migraines to lack of sleep to vitamin D deficiency

Talk & Book Signing:

Saturday, February 15

2:00 PM

Barnes & Noble

6002 Slide Road

Lubbock, TX

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