Bethel's Former Coach Speaks Out About Reinstatement

Nigel Bethel's former football coach from Miami, Tim Harris, spoke out about his reinstatement to TTU.
By Melissa Adan

LUBBOCK, TX-- Nigel Bethel II's former Miami high school football coach said he is glad Bethel was reinstated to the Texas Tech team.

Amid the criticism, coach Tim Harris said that this is the right decision for the Tech to make.

"Regardless of the situation that happened I think that Nigel now, he is going to be more passionate, and he is going to take a lot more pride and try to show people the type of individual that everyone knows he is," said Harris.

Bethel played football at Booker T. Washington in Miami, FL for four years.

His coach said Bethel is a good kid, who knows how to handle situations well and that after people give him a chance and meet him, they will love him.

"If you get the chance to meet Nigel... and can see the way that he plays and the way that he carries himself from here on out," said Harris. "I think that a lot of those feelings-- for those who have negative feelings will go away."

Harris said Bethel is relieved of the news of his reinstatement and anxious to return to TTU.

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