Biologists Work to Re-populate Lesser Prairie Chicken

Texas Parks and Wildlife spend the week in the Yoakum County sand dunes observing the species mating rituals.
By: Meredith Hillgartner 

LUBBOCK,TX- Efforts to re-populate the lesser prairie chicken are in full swing in West Texas.

Biologists with Texas Parks and Wildlife are observing the Spring mating rituals of the lesser prairie chicken in the Yoakum County sand dunes. 

They're plan is to understand trends to help landowners manage the land, to help the chicken reclaim the area.

Last week the lesser prairie chicken was put on the federal threatened species list. 

The listing imposes restrictions on landowners that they say are not needed. 

Restrictions like where on their land owners can work, what days they can work, and how much cattle or product can be produced.

Everett Harrell, a landowner in Yoakum County, said families have voluntarily worked with parks and wildlife to do what they can to protect the chicken.

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