Body Shops Banking on Banged-up Cars

After the hundreds of wrecks Friday and over the weekend, local body shops are getting slammed, and as KLBK's Alison Morris reports, that after the storms many people now need a new car.
At Precision Body Works, many of the cars brought in sustained 2 to 3 thousand dollars worth of damage.

However, they said that more than half of those are totaled.

"I don't like anybody to be injured of course, but the wrecks are definitely good for us," said manager Cory Carlock.

Carlock said that he and his crew are going to have a busy next few days.

"I expect between 30 and 50 vehicles."

The countless car crashes over the weekend will cost many folks thousands.

"We're seeing all over. Minor damage to the bumpers and fenders is most of what we're getting in," said Carlock.

Monday, Carlock delivered the news to many customers that their cars are totaled.

"We do have some severe ones where they spun out and hit the guard rails and things of that nature."

Carlock said that if something happened to your vehicle it's best to go ahead and get it taken care of now.

"There's no reason to wait. The damage can be taken care of now. Get in and out very quickly."
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