Bushland Beats Denver City 8-1

Bushland Beats Denver City 8-1

Bushland and Denver city squared off tonight.


The game started off with a dozy. Cayden Morse ripped one right into Blu Brumley, he would turn and try the play at first but an error scored Collin Smith for the 1-0 lead.


Then in the top of the 2nd, Jonathan Reya would show off his arm and get Hunter Hemmiline looking to end the inning. Game still 1-0 Bushland...


It went to the bottom of the 4th, one on for Baylor Andrews. He took it to right field and Colter Cornelius extended the lead to 2-0.


And then very next batter, Blane Barnett smashed a 2 run homer just inside the foul poll and Busland took a 4-0 lead.

Bushland beats Denver City 8-1

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