Car Hits School Bus: Police Say Patch of Ice to Blame

There was another crash involving a school bus Wednesday and police are blaming a patch of ice. The driver of the car is upset because he says the ice was caused by sprinkler runoff.
By Alison Morris

LUBBOCK- A local man is upset after his car collided with a school bus Wednesday because, he said, the crash was caused by runoff- and police agree.

"I didn't see the ice," said Adam Grimaldo. "I didn't see no water or nothing. It just looked black and as soon as I hit the brakes I was already sliding."

Grimaldo hit a bus this morning at 19th and Oxford.

He was dropping his little boy off at school when his car slid into the bus.

Police said a patch of ice is to blame for the crash.

"I could hardly see the ice. I didn't expect it. It didn't rain or snow. I just saw it was slushy and when I tried to stop it was too late."

Grimaldo said he heard from a witness that that the frozen runoff was due to a broken sprinkler nearby.

"It should've been fixed a long time ago before it got like this. Or maybe they should've been salting it when they saw it was already icy like that."

No injuries were reported.

Grimaldo believes the city should fix these runoff problems before someone gets seriously hurt.

"It could've been worse. I could've been hit in the back because the cars were sliding behind me too."
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