CASA of the South Plains Celebrates 20 Years of Service

CASA of the South Plains celebrated their 20th anniversary Thursday. Though they’ve helped thousands of children over the past 2 decades, as KLBK’s Alison Morris reports, they still need all the help they can get.

"Without CASA we'd definitely have a deficit in the way we handle these children as they go through the system."

State senator Robert Duncan was presented with the Champion for Children award for his work this year for CASA.

"It's a great asset for the state of Texas that they provide advocacy and continuity for kids that are unfortunate to be in the system," said Duncan.

Executive Director, Jennie Hill, said that volunteers have committed more than 50 thousand hours to helping children on the South Plains, getting thousands of them through what is often a very tough process.

"We've served over 5,000 abused and neglected children in foster care," said Hill.

The South Plains is ranked as one of the top places for confirmed cases of child abuse.

"For us unfortunately means that there's just a huge demand and need for more and more advocates for foster youth,” said Hill. “We would love to see that number change, but we know that that can only happen through community support which we see each and every day with our volunteers."

Duncan said becoming a CASA volunteer would not only help someone else, but leave you feeling fulfilled as well.

"If you want to volunteer and really make a difference in someone's life, CASA is where you would go."

For more information on how you can get involved or volunteer, visit or call 763-2272. 

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