Chancellor Hance Looking Forward To Time Off

Texas Tech Chancellor Kent Hance said it has been an honor serving the students and University he loves, but he is ready for his life to slow down.
By Ashley Hinson

LUBBOCK, TX -- The time, effort and love Chancellor Kent Hance has invested into Texas Tech is evident. 

Over the past seven years enrollment has increased 45%, research expenditures have nearly tripled and endowment has increased 80% to more than $1.043 billion.

"When I die I want to put on my tomb stone, 'he did not rust,'" said Hance with a smile.  "This is a 24/7 job and I can sleep some other time." 

That amount of money now puts Texas Tech in a different category, one that surpasses Syracuse, Oregon and LSU among others.  The money will be invested through scholarships and new campus facilities.

Hance also helped the school raise $1.069 billion during his tenure, but he said it was a 'big job' he didn't do alone.

"We have a great team whether its in fundraising or my presidents everyone works together for a good cause," said Hance.

Although it has taken a lot of work, Hance said it was a labor of love, but a job he is ready to pass on to the next chancellor.

"Somebody asked me what am I going to do and I said, 'I'm going to buy me a rocking chair and sit in it for a year and then after a year I'm going to start rocking,'" said Hance.

Governor Rick Perry honored Hance's accomplishments, Wednesday, at the United Spirit Arena. 

"When the governor comes to your closing party to say, it is nice," said Hance.

Hance announced his retirement in 2013 but has continued with his duties until the Texas Tech Board of Regents hires a candidate.  According to Hance, that should take place before June.  Once the position is filled, Hance will become Chancellor Emeritus. 

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