Covenant Health System Talks About Bike and Trampoline Safety

Durning summer months, more children are expected to be outdoors more.
LUBBOCK, TX -- In summer months bicycling goes up tremendously according to Dr. Richard Ranne with Covenant Health.

"Ninety seven percent of the deaths that occur with bicycles are from having no helmet and having a head injury," said Dr. Ranne.

He said adults have more bike accidents than children and said that's why everyone needs to wear a helmet.

"It's very important that children have helmets on," Dr. Ranne reiterated.

He said parents should set a good example for children when it comes to bike safety and helmets are a must.

Dr. Ranne said trampolines are also a big hit in summer months, but he said its extremely important to be cautious when jumping around.

"You never know when you might be tossed off."

The American Academy of Pediatrics has suggested parents not have home trampolines.

"When you have more than one person on a trampoline make sure they're the same size otherwise the smaller child will be at a disadvantage," Ranne explained.

Dr. Ranne said round trampolines are best for home use because they are not as strong and have a 250 pound weight limit. He also said jumping should be done at a professional setting.
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