Dixon CPS Hearing: Leave Kids in CPS Care until Criminal Trial

Dave and Wonda Dixon were arrested for injury to a child in October.
        Dave and Wonda Dixon, the couple arrested for child abuse on their ten adopted children back in October, finished up their CPS hearings this week.

This hearing has been going on since Tuesday, and Thursday afternoon, the judge ruled to leave the children in the care of CPS.

The Dixon's were first arrested for withholding food and water from one of the children.

Several people testified at the hearing, including the CPS investigator who rushed the child to the Emergency Room one night in August, saying the child looked malnourished.

The Dixon's blamed the weight loss on the child, but that investigator says that the little girl ate and drank like she had never been fed.

A doctor testified today that since being removed from the Dixon's home- the girl has gained 15 pounds. 

The doctor says the girl also suffers from Diabetes Insipidus which that combined with improper nutrition could be a factor in her dramatic weight loss with the Dixons.

The CPS investigator also told the court.. that the longer the kids are are away from the Dixon's, the more they are revealing.

She says they were afraid to open up at first.. for fear the Dixons would find out what they were telling.

The judge did recognize that the Dixon's were taking the child to the doctor to treat the diabetes and says he doesn't understand the criminal activity here.

But, the decision was made to keep the children in CPS care until the end of the criminal trial, November 21st.

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