Early Signs of Autism

A coo, smile, eye contact, those are ways babies communicate with their parents. But should you worry if your child isnt interacting? As KLBK's Brittany Escobar reports, a local doctor says It could be an early sign of Autism.

Dr. Yolanda Holler with Covenant Health said Autism is found in 1 percent of the childhood population.

"We know that the part of the brain that deals with language and social interaction is affected," but she said it's unclear what the ideology of the disorder is.

"We believe that it is due to genetic abnormalities and then there are some genetic disorders that I look for," said Holler.

There are different signs of the neurodevelopment disorder.

"When they're not showing a social smile, when they are not interacting with the parent," those are signs holler says parents should look for.

"It's very important for the parents to voice their concerns early because there are early interventions that can be done," said Holler.

Intervention could include speech, occupational and physical therapy.

She said the earlier the child receives intervention the better the outcome.

"I talk to parents about Autism and how their child presents, I tell them it is a social communication disorder, it's how a child interacts with you, how they engage with you, how they make eye contact," said Holler.

Holler says the disorder needs more research and awareness because it's still unclear why it happens to certain children.

She tells parents even though your child may not have language, they can use gestures as a form of communication, if they aren't doing that then there should be some concern.

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