Fatal Accident Injures 3 and Leaves 1 Dead

Jolan Hunter died in the accident late last night and his family is speaking out about his life

By Christian Henson

LUBBOCK, TX -- An accident on Parkway Drive at North Guava late Thursday night killed 1 and sent 3 people to UMC with serious injuries.

A 40 year old woman lost consciousness while driving and 18 year old Jolan Hunter and another car stopped to help her.

A 4th car clipped the back of the parked cars sending the cars crashing into the pedestrians.

Hunter died at UMC and the 3 with serious injuries are still listed as such at UMC.

Hunter's family says they aren't surprised he was lending a helping hand and they want to honor his memory by telling other about his kindness and spirit.

CORRECTION: Jolan Hunters cousin is Tedrick George, not Tendrick George as seen in the video

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