FBI Search Lubbock Dentist's Office and Home

FBI investigators served a search warrant Thursday at Dr. Daniel Chaparro's home and office, Smiles by Design.
LUBBOCK, TX -- FBI investigators served a search warrant Thursday at Dr. Daniel Chaparro's home and office removing documents and files from both locations.  

Chaparro is the dentist at Smiles by Design, 5214 75th Street.  
According to the Smiles by Designs website Dr. Chaparro has practiced dentistry in Lubbock for 21 years.  The FBI have not released in further details in their investigation.

Dr. Chaparro issued a written statement Thursday afternoon - the text of which is as follows:

As had been reported on the morning of February 20th, the FBI executued several search warrants at Dr. Chaparro's private residence, the offices of Smiles Design, and at a secured storage facility where Dr. Chaparro's clients' private medical files are kept. The government has seized those files and is currently reviewing thousands upon thousands of otherwise private and confidential patient information as part of an investigation into Dr. Chaparro's medicaid billing practices.

Dr. Chaparro has cooperated fully with this investigation and he fully expects that after the Government is finished with their investigation this will all prove to be nothing more than a waste of their time and the taxpayers' money. Dr. Chaparro regrets that the Government has chosen this course of action, but more so than that, he regrets the inconvenience and loss of privacy that this government intrusion has cost his loyal patients.

This is but an extreme example of what many West Texas citizens feared would happen when the federal government staged a takeover of the American Health Care System. Doctors must now not only provide their patients with expert medical care, but they are now charged with walking through the spiderwebs of government red tape with Big Brother now watching every move of your doctors.

No criminal charges have been filed related to this accusation and we expect that once the Government is finished rummaging through his patients' records that Dr. Chaparro will be vindicated, this time he looks forward to re=opening Smiles By Design and continuing to serve citizens of West Texas.

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