Firefighters Train To Put Out Airplane Fires At Lubbock International Airport

Firefighters at Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport got a full day of hands-on training on responding to airplane fires.<br>KLBK's Melissa Mahadeo reports.<br>
"We can practice our skills on any type of plane that flies in here," Captain Brad Marlar said.

Firefighters worked to put out a fire again and again today, all as a part of the airport's fire rescue training.

Firefighters reenacted putting out fires one on a model aircraft that mimics the composition of four different airplanes.

The airplane is made to reflect the engines, wings, and tails of 4 different planes, including a 737 and a 747.

"The wing height is real similar to the Southwest plane," Marlar said. 

"Anything that comes in here, a commercial liner, we've had some practice at putting an agent on the fire," he said.

These types of trainings happen three times a year so firefighters tell us they are always prepared.

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