Fireworks Clean-up Upsets Some Park Goers

The 4th on Broadway Firework Extravaganza needed a big clean-up crew after its display. Some park goers were upset by how much debris they found in the morning.
By Melissa Adan

LUBBOCK, TX-- The 4th on Broadway Firework Extravaganza on Friday night attracted lots of people, requiring a big clean-up crew.

Saturday morning clean-up crews included people from Lubbock Solid Waste Management, Parks and Recreation and members of the correctional facilities.

Yet, some park goers were upset when they arrived at Mackenzie Park Saturday morning and saw the firework debris and trash all over the baseball fields.

"Sad part is that people come out to celebrate one of the greatest holidays for the greatest country in the world and we end up even though it's an illegal activity in the city limits-- they don't even pick up after themselves," said Gary McCoy.

McCoy and his friends cleaned-up the trash from one of the fields before they began playing.

The clean-up process begins after the Fireworks display and goes on until late in the afternoon the following day.
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