Gas Main Damage Meant No Heat, No Cooking At Local Restaurant

Gas main damage near 114th and University Wednesday afternoon meant no heat, and no cooking for one local restaurant.
By Monica Yantosh

LUBBOCK, TX -- Atmos Energy was working outside for a long time Wednesday afternoon and into the evening to fix gas main damage at the intersection of 114th and University.

According to Atmos, the two inch gas main was damaged by a third party contractor. The outage affected about 80 homes and businesses in the area while they were working on it.

One business that lost power was Tech Cafe, at 118th and University.

"We were cooking a burger and we kind of felt the grill wasn't really that hot," Donna Thompson, a cook at Tech Cafe said.

First the grill went cold, then the restaurant followed. "Then we got a phone call from one of the guys that lives across the street, saying that their gas was out, so we started checking, and of course we didn't have no pilot lights on or anything, so that's how we knew," Thompson said.

No heat meant no cooking. They couldn't serve any hot food, which meant they were turning business away Wednesday night. They even had a sign on their door saying they couldn't cook, and were sorry for the inconvenience.

"Cold cuts, sandwiches, anything, we'll help them with that, they can have sandwich, chips, just offer something, but they want the burgers, the warm food because it's cold," Thompson said.

As Atmos crews worked to fix the damage down the street, Tech Cafe was trying to serve what they could. "This is one of our busiest nights too, we've had to, you know, turn away a lot of people, all we're able to sell is like shakes and sodas, cokes and so it's hurting our business pretty bad," Thompson said.

They were even bundled up inside, trying to stay warm. They also brought in a space heater.

Thompson said the heat went off just before 6 Wednesday afternoon, and wasn't on when KLBK checked back in just before 9 p.m.

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