Greg Abbott: "Lubbock Plays a Pivotal Role in the State of Texas"

Abbott talks to KAMC News about his goals and plans if he is elected Texas governor at his campaign tour stop in Lubbock Tuesday.

By Anne Parker

(LUBBOCK TX)-Attorney General Greg Abbott drew a big crowd in Lubbock Tuesday afternoon.

He made a stop at Jiminez Bakery in downtown Lubbock for his "Get Out The Vote Tour."

The Republican primaries are coming up on March 4th and Abbott tells us that Lubbock voters play a big role in helping him.

As Governor of Texas, Abott says he will keep Texas number one in jobs creation, exports and energy.

Securing the border, improving road conditions and focusing on public education are also among his top priorities.

But, a lot of folks are talking after Abbott campaigned with Ted Nugent last week who has recently admitted to having sexual relations with underage girls and calling President Obama a "subhuman mongrel." 

Nugent called Abbott his "blood brother" and now Wendy Davis's campaign is using this against him.

"I think what Ted said was offensive and certainly not reflective of the values we believe here in Texas. He's responded to it by apologizing and I think he was rightful in doing so," Abbott says. "My wife is a Latina and I have a daughter and a wife who I adore and love dearly, and I fight for them and their values every single day. "

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