Heartbeat 12-29-13

December is toy safety awareness month and appropriately so.
By Allison Morrison

(LUBBOCK, TX) - December is toy safety awareness month and appropriately so.
Most of the gifts given around Christmas time are meant for fun, but that's not always what happens with them.
"Children explore the world through their mouth," Covenant's Director of Pediatric Trauma, Dr. Richard Ranne, said. "We can have accidents occur, even with safe toys."
Hundreds of new toys hit store shelves every year and chances are, there were a few under your tree this Christmas.
But you should know, toy-related injuries are common, especially this time of year and especially among toddlers.
"Under three (years old), we're looking at plastic, plastic balloons, magnets, any small balls or objects less than 1-3/4 inch across," Dr. Ranne said.
Even strings and straps, like the ones on a guitar, can be dangerous to kids.
Dr. Ranne said he most often sees strangulation and chocking-related injuries in the emergency room, but those can be avoided.
"The ages on the packages are actually very well researched," he said.
If you pay attention to the numbers on the packages, you're one step ahead and it really comes down to keeping an eye on your kid.
"All of these warnings are for children who are unsupervised. In the presence of an adult, you can play safely with many of these toys."
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