Hundreds Turn Out for TTU Harlem Shake Video

Hundreds, in costumes, showed up to take part in Texas Tech's Harlem Shake video.
Gorillas, bananas, robots, and plenty of American Flag costumes, among Texas Tech apparel, all on Memorial Circle for the Harlem Shake video shoot, featuring Raider Red.

This was Red's second starring role, as a few months ago, the "Red Raider Style" video hit YouTube, in the style of Gangam Style.

The same guy behind that video is also behind this video, and his name is Xavier Salinas.

The hundreds of students made their way to Memorial Circle, some braving colder temperatures in costumes that were not designed to keep them warm.  After Raider Red fell into the crowd, the crowd bust into cheers and made sure to 'Guns Up'.

Here's a link to the TTU Harlem Shake Video.
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