Jury Selection Begins in December 2011 Murder Trial

Jury selection has begun for the 2011 murder of David Rowser, who was killed when police say two men took the tip jar at The One Guy from Italy restaurant.
By Monica Yantosh

LUBBOCK, TX -- Jury selection has begun for the trial of Brian Suniga, who was arrested and indicted for the 2011 murder of David Rowser.

According to Police, two men went into the One Guy From Italy Restaurant in December 2011 and tried to get money out of the register. When they couldn't, police said the two men took the tip jar and ran.

That's when police said Rowser, an employee at One Guy, confronted the two men, and was shot and killed.

Within days of this murder, police tracked down Suniga and another man, Secilio Lopez, near Abilene, and arrested them.

Now, questionnaires have been sent out to potential jurors for this capital murder trial, and the court is seeking the death penalty.

It could be a few weeks before a jury is sat and the trial begins, however, because an attorney filed an objection on behalf of Suniga in regards to the wording of some of the questions in the questionnaire. No word yet on when Lopez's trial will be held.

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