Letter Carriers Collect Food for South Plains Food Bank

Saturday, postal workers across Lubbock will collect canned goods for the South Plains Food Bank.
By: Meredith Hillgartner 

LUBBOCK,TX- Wayne Jumper walks 11 miles everyday; carrying a bag full of bills, coupons and birthday cards.

Soon, Jumper's load is going to get a lot heavier. 

Saturday is the 23rd annual 'Letter Carrier Food Drive,' benefiting the South Plains Food Bank. 

Homeowners are encouraged to leave canned and non-perishable food on their front door step, and mail carriers will pick the bags up during their routes.

Last year, more than 40,000 pounds of food were donated. 

This year, the food bank wants to double that. 

Wayne Jumper has been a postal worker for 10 years.

He said one woman on his route donates every year. 

She is 100 years old and has problems with arthritis. 

Jumpers said it takes her several trips to and from her pantry to her front door to fill up the two paper sacks she leaves each year. 

"They weigh so much that when I drive up to get them I have to get one at a time and take them back," Jumper said.

But Jumper said it is people like this woman who makes this drive so successful.

"She's done it every year," Jumper said.  "She is the sweetest lady and it is people like her I wish we had a lot more of."

Here is a list of the items the South Plains Food Bank needs: http://www.spfb.org/Portals/186199/docs/most%20wanted%20foods_web.pdf


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