Local Volunteers Off to Arkansas for Tornado Relief

Two volunteers with the South Plains chapter of the Red Cross are now on their way to Arkansas, where they'll utilize their Emergency Response Vehicle to help with the disaster efforts.
by Victoria Price

LUBBOCK, TX -- Two volunteers with the South Plains Chapter of the Red Cross, equipped with an emergency response vehicle, are now en route to Little Rock, AR. From there, they'll be deployed to help with disaster relief to one of the towns devastated by tornadoes over the weekend.

Judy Pevytoe and Joe Faubion set off late Monday afternoon.

Once they arrive in Little Rock, they'll receive their specific orders. Both are trained and equipped to handle a variety of relief tasks, such as distributing food and supplies to those on the ground in the immediately affected areas, or helping to run a shelter for those displaced by the storms. They can perform both first aid, as well as "psychological first aid" to help with the emotional wounds caused by disasters this severe.

Neither Pevytoe nor Faubion have been sent to a disaster of this scope before, according to Red Cross staff.

If you'd like to help with Red Cross relief efforts, you can text "red cross" to 90999. That will automatically submit a 10 dollar donation on your behalf. You can also visit redcross.org for more donation information.

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