Love, Happiness and Vandalism for Central Lubbock Businesses on Valentines Day

Graffiti hearts stamped on buildings, cars, and a bus stop down 19th Avenue from Avenue Q to University.
By Anne Parker

While nearly 15 couples were busy tying the knot at the Lubbock County Courthouse on Valentine's afternoon, Central Lubbock businesses were busy trying to figure out how to get rid of permanent love notes.

A bus stop, buildings and cars down the street had graffiti harts and "I love you's" in red.

One local business says the city was out earlier this morning trying to paint over the damage.

For Rachel Mermea, an employee at National Plains Insurance, shewas shocked to find four hearts on the front of her building and says  its upsetting that someone took getting into the festive spirit this far.

"Vandalism is vandalism, it doesn't matter what symbol you put out there."
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