LPD on the Lookout for Synthetic Pot in Traffic Stops

With the recent popularity of synthetic pot in Lubbock, police are trained on how to spot and test for the drug.

By Michaela MacDonald

LUBBOCK, TX -- Lubbock police are always on the lookout for drivers under the influence of any sort of drugs or alcohol, but a substance they've seen more of recently is synthetic marijuana.

We spoke with Captain Roger Cox who heads up the city's synthetic pot abatement program. He says right now there's no specific test officers can use to check for synthetic marijuana at the vehicle, like a breathalyzer that they can use for suspected drunk drivers. But if an officer suspects someone is under the influence of synthetics they can get a warrant for a blood test, then the blood sample is sent to a private lab for testing.

"Because the synthetic marijuana we are seeing so many different changes to the chemical compounds, we've had to look at other private labs that are certified though the Department of Public Safety to do our testing so we get results quicker. Right now, the Department of Public Safety is just behind in testing because they are coming up with so many new chemicals and they've got a limited amount of resources to do the testing with," said Cox.

Cox says the state legislature has been helpful in getting these private labs certified so the evidence can be used in court. He says the labs are working to keep up with changing chemical compounds. 




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