Lubbock Company Ahead of the Healthcare Curve

A Lubbock company has decided to reinvent how it handles health care costs, by bringing doctors into the workplace. The company says its a move that's actually saving money.<font size="2"><br></font>

Local wind turbine manufacturer VTS opened a new health clinic free for its employees this week.

It's an idea board chairman Doug Allen said he got after the man who trained him had to retire because of his poor health.

 "When he retired his health condition was so poor he had to go home and sit on his front porch because his coronary disease and diabetes was so bad," Allen said. "So we pledged to ourselves that this would never happen to our employees again."

VTS began with an in-house chiropractor, then added a nutritionist before opening the free clinic this week.

All of the clinic's services are free to the company's 105 employees and their families. 

"The cost is actually very inexpensive. and it's increased our productivity over 300% and has reduced the cost of living for our employees."

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