Lubbock Economic Development Alliance Announces Over 200 New Jobs in Lubbock

Bahama Bucks, TimeForge, and Hurley Companies are expanding in Lubbock to create 236 jobs

By Christian Henson

LUBBOCK, TX -- The Lubbock Economic Development Alliance announced three companies expanding their businesses hiring new employees in the Lubbock Area.

Bahama Bucks is hiring 73 new employees over the next few years.

TimeForge is hiring 63 new employees because of their expansion over the next three year.

Hurley Companies are also hiring new employees, adding on more than 100 new employees.

All three companies are currently accepting applications.

To apply for a warehouse position with Bahama Bucks you can visit their corporate headquarters at 5123 69th Street Lubbock, TX or call 806-771-2189.

To apply for a digital management position with TimeForge you can visit their office at 3008 50th Street, Lubbock, TX or call 806-684-7191.

To apply for multiple open positions with Hurley Companies you can visit their office at 2902 E. Municipal Drive, Lubbock, TX or call 806-745-5440.
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