Lubbock Police Investigate Scene of Friday's Deadly Crash

Lubbock accident investigators closed off a portion of the Spur early Tuesday to study the scene of Friday's tragic accident that killed a 8-year old boy.
LUBBOCK, TX -- Police temporarily closed the 5500 block of Spur 327 Tuesday morning as part of the investigation into a deadly Friday night crash at that location.  Mark Castro, 8, died in that crash.

The family car broke down along the side of the Spur when it was hit by an SUV.  Charges had not been filed against the other driver but the case was still under investigation. 

On Sunday Mark’s father, Johnny Jamez Castro, said he was with his son when he passed away.

Castro said, “I saw everything from the accident to him taking his last breath of life, you know, everything.”

Castro also said Mark now has his little wings and is watching over the family from heaven. 

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