Major Meth Bust at Central Lubbock Home

DPS says they seized $623,000 worth of methamphetamine Wednesday afternoon from a central Lubbock home. Investigators have now tied those drugs to a Mexican cartel.
by Victoria Price

LUBBOCK, TX -- The Department of Public Safety says they seized 17 pounds of methamphetamine, $12,000 in cash, and a stolen car after an investigation led them to a Central Lubbock home on Wednesday afternoon.

The drugs, worth $623,000, have since been traced to a Mexican drug cartel. Five suspects, four from Mexico, were taken into custody outside the 35th St. home, a mere block from Coronado High School. However, this is an ongoing investigation, and DPS officials expect more arrests to come.

"Our department wants to be proactive in doing these kinds of investigations, to make sure these drug cartels don't develop a foothold in Lubbock," says DPS Sgt. Brian Witt.
"Finding it in a residence here in Lubbock means they were ready to distribute it. So, it was vital for us to find it and get it off the streets before it reached the people it was going to. It's not a common deal that you see here."

A couple neighbors who saw the bust go down say they're not entirely surprised those particular neighbors were up to no good. They often had expensive cars parked outside the modest home, and rarely saw the residents leave the house.

"There's been cars, in and out, back and forth, nice cars, some not nice, every day," they said. "Different cars going up to the house, running up to the window and running back."

The suspects were charged with with manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance in a drug free zone, money laundering and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. DPS was assisted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the Border Patrol, and the Lubbock Police Department.

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