Moratorium Extended Against Potentially Deadly Product

More than a year ago, the Lubbock Fire Marshall placed a moratorium on CSST, corrugated stainless steel tubing, after it was found to blame for a fatal house fire. KLBK's Alison Morris reports.

On August 24, 2012 firefighters responded to a late night house fire on the 35 hundred block of 110th street that claimed the life of 31 year old Brennen Teel who was in town visiting friends.

"Unfortunately it takes things like that to get everybody's attention, and that certainly did."

Lubbock Fire Marshal, Garret Nelson, said their investigation into the fatal fire revealed that corrugated stainless steel tubing, known as CSST, was a major factor in the fire and they quickly banned further use of the product.

Teel's family and the owners of the home filed a lawsuit against the company that makes CSST.

"Fact is, is that this company knew years and years ago that their product was dangerous. And they've been misrepresenting the facts about how dangerous it is," said Ted Lyon, the attorney representing the families.

Friday, the city of Lubbock voted to extend it's moratorium on the product.

Lyon said the decision is a big win in his clients' fight for justice.

"What it means for the families that I represent is that their hard work in trying to get something done coupled with the courageous attitude of the city of Lubbock has resulted in something that's very meaningful and will help save other people's lives," said Lyon.

Nelson said that home builders are currently using the old alternative product, black iron pipe.

"We made the decision that in our area that we're going to go for safety and go back to that product we've used for over 100 years," said Nelson.

Nelson added that he's had no complaints from home builders around the area and is confident that keeping the moratorium in place is the right decision.



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