More Unpaid Nursing Home Workers, This Time in Littlefield

Employees at the Littlefield Hospitality House say they've been paid with paychecks that banks won't cash. The nursing home is owned by the same woman who owns Legends of the Plains, another nursing home plagued by payment problems.
by Victoria Price

LITTLEFIELD, TX -- Earlier this week, we
 told you about a nursing assistant who was forced to quit her job at a Hale Center nursing home, because she wasn't getting paid. As it turns out, Hope Hallcy and the rest of those who work at Legends of the Plains aren't alone. 

The Littlefield Hospitality House in Lamb County is allegedly facing the same problems. Both employees and former employees alike say they haven't been paid either.

Tava Porter owns both nursing homes. On Wednesday, she told us over the phone that her bank account had been frozen. That's why their paychecks bounced.

However, we've learned that Porter has been indicted in both Hale and Lamb Counties. And that's not all...we found that a drug company called PharMerica has filed a civil case against her too, after she failed to pay for "pharmacy related goods." A judge has ordered her to pay PharMerica $224,000. Court record doesn't indicate she's paid that off yet.

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