Number of WASP Supporters Keep Growing at Friday's Synthetic Pot Protest

For the fourth Friday in a row, Warriors Against Synthetic Pot protest outside of a Lubbock smoke shop to raise awareness about the dangers of the drug.
By Anne Parker

Another Friday night and the Warrior Against Synthetic Pot protestors are out again, determined to force the drug out of Hub City stores.

"It's s exciting, overwhelming, the numbers just keep growing and growing each time," says co-founder of Wasp, Jeannine Kelly.

Friday night's protest at the One Stop Smoke Shop located at 4445 34th Street, had nearly 30- protestors, all trying to raise awareness of the dangers of the drug.

"It's crazy the addiction, you'll do anything for it," says Dustin Leatherwood.

Leatherwood tells us he was addicted to synthetic pot for two and a half years.

"It just destroys your whole life," he said. "It effects your relationships, financially it effects you, it just destroys everything."

Dustin had a heart attack on February 26th and his dad, Gary knew he had to do something, so he started Warriors Against Synthetic Pot, or WASP.

"It's amazing, we've had issues for quite a while and to know he actually cares for me this much has made our relationship a lot closer," he said.

"I stand very strong on this because my son was on it last year for quite some time and it just almost killed him," says first time protestor Lisa Bauer who joined in the fight to fight for what broke her family apart.

Kelly says as more people with stories like Lisa find out about the protests, their numbers just keep growing.

"We've got so many people taking about how excited they are to come out and be a part of the protest and make changes out here," Kelly said.

Kelly tells us the best part of Friday's nights protest for WASP, the smoke shop was losing business.

"We were here for about an hour and there wasn't one customer in almost an hour we were sitting out here," she said.

Dustin and other WASP members say their ultimate goal is hopes that banning synthetic pot becomes more than just a city ordinance.

"I just want it off the streets for good."

Head to the WASP facebook page for more information on getting involved:

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