Paramedics Revive Small Pets After Central Lbk House Fire

Two UMC EMTs managed to administer oxygen to a cat and guinea pig, who were suffering from smoke inhalation after being trapped in a Central Lubbock house fire. Two dogs, also trapped, didn't make it.
by Victoria Price

LUBBOCK, TX -- Two small pets are now recovering at the Lubbock Animal Shelter after suffering from smoke inhalation. The two, a cat and a guinea pig, were trapped inside a Central Lubbock home with two dogs when the house caught on fire.

When firefighters and EMS arrived on scene, they heard screaming coming from one of the bedrooms. Rescue crews entered the burning home expecting to find people inside. Instead, they found the pets. The dogs and guinea pig were unconscious, but the cat was the source of the loud screams.

The dogs sadly passed away, but administering oxygen to the cat and guinea pig did the trick. Shelter workers say a real veterinarian will be out in the morning to check on the critters.

No word on the cause of the fire, or where the home's occupants were when it broke out.
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