Perils of Working in Extreme Cold

It can be dangerous to spend prolonged periods of time outside in below freezing temperatures. Unfortunately, depending on your job, it can't always be avoided.

by Victoria Price

LUBBOCK, TX -- Even when the mercury drops below freezing, Sonic 'car hops' have no choice but to brave the elements.

"I actually have four shirts on. I have two pairs of tights, plus my pants, three pairs of socks on," according to Kaitlyn Estrada. "It's ridiculous."

But she says there is an upside to serving chilli dogs in such chilly weather.

"They see how miserable you are and they're like 'here's an extra two dollars' or something like that," Estrada says. "I've made like, a lot of money already."

Paramedics say if you must be outside for a prolonged period of time, take the proper precautions. Layer up, and try to cover all extremities.

"Frostbite's going to start in your fingers. Uou're going to feel the numbness, extreme cold. And then they'll start turning different colors, such as black and purple," according to UMC EMS paramedic Heather Killman. "If you're starting to get too cold, let's just get you inside and get you warmed up because hypothermia is just extended time out in the cold."

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