Plans to Remodel Tent City to be Unveiled

Tent City plans to remodel their shelter on the North side of town.

LUBBOCK, TX--- The Tent City homeless shelter that has helped the homeless community in Lubbock announced plans today to completely revitalize the center and its role in the community. 

What started 3 years ago as a way to get Lubbock's attention on the homeless population, Tent City has grown to be a major player in the fight against homelessness and now they want to expand. 

The project is estimated to cost 10 million dollars and be complete in 3 phases. 

"Its economically feasable its something I think Lubbock is ready for and needs." says Les Burrus, Link Ministries Director. 

With a new chapel, sanitation station, and education and clinic facilities Burrus says the new Tent City, which will be called High Cotton, will be a proud part of Lubbock. 

"High cotton will be a place that lubbock can be proud of. That will take care of the individual at the different varrying needs that they have," says Burrus.  

"We still have a population of about 150 people on the street that we need to take care of," he says. "At Tent City we've been at capacity for the past 5 to 6 months now... This will expand for us to about 100-150 chronically homeless people." 

Link Ministries plans to start fundraising this May for the project. After which they will start phase one of construction. 

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