Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Warning Signs and Treatment

PTSD is very common in the military and can also be caused by traumatic events with civilians but it is very treatable

By Christian Henson

LUBBOCK, TX -- Post Traumatic Stress is a normal reaction to a traumatic event but this normal reaction can turn into a disorder if left untreated.

The four basic types of symptoms for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are:
  • Reliving the event (or re-experiencing symptoms)
  • Avoiding situations that remind you of the event
  • Feeling numb
  • Feeling "keyed-up" or hyper arousal
Contrary to popular belief, violence and aggression are not common symptoms of PTSD.

If you live in the Lubbock area and would like to be checked for PTSD you can contact the Veterans Resources Cooperation Group by calling 806-470-9317 or on their website

If you are not a veteran you can contact Starcare by calling 806-766-0310 or on their website  
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