Prairie Dogs are Digging Up Yards; Searching for Food

Prairie dogs are searching for food and water, and they are looking in your front yard.
The prairie dogs are taking back their land. 

Local homeowners are complaining after finding prairie dogs digging up their sprinkler systems. 

Joann Haddock is with Citizens for Prairie Dogs, a non-profit organization that rescues prairie dogs. 

She said the little critters are just trying to deal with the drought, searching for food and water wherever they can.
Haddock said the reason they attack your sprinkler system is because that is where the ground is softest and greenest. 

She also said, this is the time of year when prairie dogs are on the move; searching for a new place to make a home.

Haddock said to leave the little guys alone, they should be on the move soon.

If not, they can cause major damage to your yard, after a few days to call her and she will come rescue them for you. 

You can contact Joann at:

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