Raiderville Residents Have Arrived

Day one of Raiderville is here and Texas Tech students are camping out as the wait for Saturday's big game against the Texas Longhorns. KLBKS Brittany Escobar was there to catch all the excitement.

           At Raiderville if you hear "Raider," you better expect to hear, you guessed it..."Power!"

            The first tents were set at 5 p.m. Monday and through out the week more and more will continue to pop up.

            Of course Raiderville residents took all the essentials, inlcuding the very important signs of Raider pride.

            For junior Josh Patterson, he says even though last weeks game was a disappointment, it will not stray people away from Raiderville.

"If you build it they will come,'' he said, "Last week was kind of disappointing but I think this week we've got our business handled."

            Third year go-er Miller Porter agrees and says Saturday's matchup against the Longhorns will be a great chance for the Raiders to heat up The Jones.

"Tech's been doing good so far, I mean Tuberville, this is his third year so he should be right on track."

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