Report Shows Drop in Teen Marijuana Use; Other Drug Problems Remain

A newly released report shows a 2 year low of west Texas teens and preteens reporting marijuana use. But despite the report, local officials say there are other serious drug problems in Lubbock. KLBK's Alison Morris reports.
By Alison Morris

LUBBOCK- It may be high times in Colorado where for the first time in US history recreational weed has gone on sale, but here in Texas, of course, it's definitely still illegal.

"I think it'll take a whole lot to get it legalized in Texas."

Local Prevention Resource Center Director, Jackie Johnson, said he was surprised by the survey, taken by nearly 3,000 preteens and teens.

"Texas says that it has an increase," said Johnson.

Contrary to state numbers, according to the survey, marijuana use among teens in west Texas has hit a 2 year low.

"Could be fear, could be because it's no longer accessible like it used to be where you could just go on the corner and buy it."

Here in Lubbock, Johnson said, the problem still prevails but it's not necessarily weed that's the biggest problem.

"There's been a lot of drug busts going on even around here. The synthetic drugs is on the rise despite the ban. You still hear about it being used in the community."

And despite the report, Johnson said, he knows that this is not the end of marijuana here or anywhere.

"I think people go after it because it is addictive."
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