Roller Derby Up and Running in Lubbock

The West Texas Roller Dollz open the season Saturday against the Bombshell Betties

The West Texas Roller Dollz is Lubbock's very own Roller Derby team.

The Roller Dollz practice three nights a week on drills, strategies, and working up their endurance to go through two minute rounds of trying to score and keeping the other team from doing the same.

The Roller Dollz are made up of women from every walk of life, only during derby they get an alter ego name and leave that real life behind.

The Roller Dollz season opener is Saturday March 15th at the Civic Center at 7 pm. 

Tickets are 12 dollars.

The Roller Dollz are also looking for new members and are holding a boot camp on March 25th.

For more details on the boot camp and the West Texas Roller Dollz visit their website at
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