Search For Missing Teenager With Special Education Needs Ends Well

<font color= "red">UPDATED: </font>The sister of Marc Flores hadn't heard from the 19 year old with special needs in over a month..until Monday night, when Phoenix, AZ police called to say Marc had been found, safe and sound.
by James Clark and Victoria Price

LUBBOCK, TX -- A Lamesa woman's missing brother will soon be coming home to Texas, after  police found the teen safe and sound in Arizona Monday night.

Catalina Flores filed a missing person report for her brother Marc Anthony over the weekend after the young man left back in May...then went off the grid.

“My brother is special ed.  He’s 19, but his age mentality is like a 12-year-old,” Catalina says. She believes Marc decided to leave after getting into some trouble with the law down in Midland.  

“He met some homeless people,” Catalina said. “And they said, ‘We’re going to Phoenix, and do you want to go with us?’”

In late May, Marc and the others hitched a ride with a trucker to Arizona.  Catalina heard from him on June 3 via Facebook but nothing since then.

“I guess they got tired of him.  They left him at a truck stop. ”

Catalina went to Phoenix on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to retrace Marc’s steps.  She also filed a missing person’s police report.  At some point since early June, two law enforcement officers spotted Marc and offered him a ride to a bus station.  That’s the last place anyone has seen him.

“No ticket was bought in his name.  I don’t know if he had any money,” Catalina said.  “Is he still in Arizona?”

Catalina said Marc has no identification with him, and so homeless shelters refused to take him.  She said he has no money, nor his medication to prevent seizures. 

Around 9:30 Monday night, Phoenix authorities called Catalina to inform her Marc had been found. A man had called them, after seeing Marc and recognizing him from flyers Catalina distributed when she was in Phoenix. We're told he will spend the night in a homeless shelter, while Catalina works on wiring him bus fare to bring him back home.

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