"Shattered Dreams" Hopes to Make a Huge Impact on Teenagers

Crobsyton ISD staged a crash Tuesday afternoon to show students the dangers and consequences of drinking and driving.
By Anne Parker

CROSBYTON, TX-- Kids and parents at Crosbyton had a Tuesday morning they will never forget.

The program called "Shattered Dreams" is a two vehicle staged crash caused by drinking and driving.

Emergency responders, victims and families of the victims act out the scene, to show students the consequences of driving under the influence.

They even saw the boy responsible for the wreck get arrested and charged with intoxication manslaughter.

"Kids lose their lives in alchohol related crashes," says Sgt. Bryan Witt with the Texas Department of Public Safety."  "This is a chance for us to bring these kids out to a scene thats as close to real life as they'll ever see."

"This is the best way we can do to show people drinking and driving is the worst thing ever," says a first responder on the scene.

Sgt. Witt urges folks not to drink and drive or get behind the wheel with someone under the influence.

He says always call someone to come pick you up even if it is your first time, it could be your last.

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