Students Throw Pies in Teachers Faces for Good Cause

A Stewart Elementary school 4th grader is in the hospital, so students are raising money for her, by throwing pies in her teachers faces.
By: Meredith Hillgartner

LUBBOCK,TX- If you could throw a pie in your teachers face would you?

What if you had to pay?

Is .50 cents a good price?

Students at Stewart Elementary school thought the money was worth it, to see four of their teachers get a whip cream pie to the face on Friday. 

The stunt was for a good cause.

They were raising money for 4th grader Nevaeh Flores. 

Nevaeh missed the last day of school, because she was in an Omaha, Nebraska hospital recovering from a three organ transplant. 

Nevaeh's grandmother, Mary Gutierez, said Nevaeh was born with a malrotation of the small intestine and that this was her third surgery.

She received a new small intestine, pancreas and liver during her surgery on May 3rd. 

Students raised money for Nevaeh by paying money to wear hats to school, paying money to play games and the biggest hit was paying .50 cents to pie their teacher in the face.

The school raised $641.00 for the 10-year-old's medical expenses.

Nevaeh joined the fun thanks to Skype.

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