Tech Professor: Online Defamation Case Exploring Uncharted Territory

The Texas Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case that may have big implications on what people post online. KLBK's Alison Morris spoke with one Texas Tech Professor, who says the case has the potential to make it to the US Supreme Court.
By Alison Morris

LUBBOCK- The Texas Supreme Court is set to hear arguments in a case involving a man suing his former employer over what he calls false and defamatory statements.

"What we're really doing is testing, does this kind of law apply to the online environment which has tended to be a little more wild west and open and free."

Professor Randy Reddick said this case could subject online posts not only to libel laws, but also federal laws should the case make it to the supreme court.

"As they bring that into the legal debate here- that's a federal issue," said Reddick. "That's a first amendment issue and that's going to get it beyond the Texas supreme court if the litigants want to do that."
Reddick said it's about time the issue came up in court and says he feels that people should not be allowed to post whatever they want about whomever they want. 

"I have some pretty good online skills- I don't feel that gives me the right to then severely damage the reputations of people I might have differences of opinion with and harm their careers."
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