Texas Tech Rallies to Remove the Innovation Deficit

Federal cuts to research in universities has Texas Tech joining the Innovation Deficit movement to get more funding

LUBBOCK, TX -- The Innovation Deficit is a term used to decribe the widening gap between the actual level of federal funding for research and higher education, and what the invetment needs to be if the United States want to continue to be the world's innovation leader.

Federal funding to research has been cut by budget cuts and the sequester.

All the Texas Tech campuses combined spend about 200 million dollars a year on research and the cuts to funding keep them from bringing in graduate and doctoral students for research and stop faculty from pursuing research during the summer.

The Senate Appropriations Commitee met today to discuss 'driving innovation through federal investments'.

Robert Duncan, Vice President of Research at Texas Tech, says if the cuts continue the United States status as the innovation world leader will be in jeopardy.

If you would like to voice your opinion you can call your elected officials or for more information you can visit www.innovationdeficit.org.
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