Tick Tock, the Clock is Ticking For Your Taxes

With one week until the federal tax filing deadline we've got some tips to get them done correctly and on time

By Christian Henson

LUBBOCK, TX -- Federal Income Taxes can be filed no later than midnight Tuesday April 15th or you will face fines.

You can do your taxes online or use a tax professional but there are some common mistakes you want to look out for.

        Make sure your deductions are all legal 

        Newly married couples should fill out a joint tax return and their own single returns to see which one gets the bigger refund

        If you take the standard deduction, make sure you know which category you fall into

You can also file a tax return from the years 2010, 2011, and 2012 in addition to your 2013 return but the 2010 return must meet the same April 15th deadline.

If you can't make the deadline you can file an extension form that gives you until October 15th of 2014 to complete the return but if you owe the IRS money instead of getting a return they will still expect payment on April 15th.

For more information on federal tax returns and to download an extension form you can visit the Internal Revenue Service website at www.irs.gov.
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