Weeds Causing Woes for Allergy Sufferers

Experts say the pollen count is considerably higher this September than in years passed.

If your allergies have been acting up lately -- you're not alone.

Dr. Goutam Shome is an allergy specialist with Covenant Health. He says the pollen count this September is much higher than in previous years.

"We are seeing more patients calling in with symptoms," according to Shome. "Most likely due to the little bit of extra rain we got. There's been increased weeds and pollen count."

And as if allergies themselves aren't bad enough, he says the symptoms can lead to other health issues.

"Allergies and asthma are kind of related to each other. People who have allergic diseases in the nose and sinuses, 20 to 40 percent of them will end up with asthma," Shome says. "So if you don't take care of allergies in nose and sinus, it can lead to asthma developing. If you have asthma, this high pollen count can trigger an acute asthma attack."

And while there's not much you can do to get rid of pollen, Dr. Shome says you can take preventative measures.

"There's no way of absolutely avoiding all the pollen. Everywhere you go out, you are breathing it in and inhaling it in," he says. "So in the peak pollen season, be sure to take your medication faithfully. It is better to start taking it a few weeks before the symptoms start."

Shome also says avoiding the outdoors during the early morning and late evening hours will help allergy sufferers alleviate their symptoms.

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