White River Lake Turns Pumps Back on After Drought

The pumps have been off for almost a year, while four surrounding cities rely on well fields for water.
By: Meredith Hillgartner

LUBBOCK,TX- For the first time since November 2013, the White River Lake Municipal Water District is turning their pumping stations on, and will be pulling water from the lake. 

Pumps were turned off last fall, after years of drought, for fear the lake would deplete too quickly. 

Therefore, Tom Fulton with the WRLMWD, said they will be giving the water wells a little bit of a break, and they will start pumping water from the lake. 

"We're going to start that back up and start pumping water to two of our cities and our well fields will take care of the other two cities," Fulton said.

That also means that the four cities who are supplied by WRLMWD, such as Ralls, Post, Spur and Crosbyton, will move from Stage 4 water restrictions to Stage 2 restrictions in August. 

Some people though tell Fulton they are not thrilled with the idea of pumping the lake so soon after it filled back up. 

Fulton said because of the amount of evaporation that happens in west Texas, if they do not use the water now, it could be lost anyway. 

"The evaporation out here in west Texas is about six feet a year," Fulton said. "So if it turns hot and dry and we don't catch anymore rain, our lake would be right where it was a few months ago." 

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