Why So Many Weddings? Couples Tie the Knot on the Sequential Date 11-12-13

Tuesday isn't usually a big day for weddings but the special date 11-12-13 has made this particular Tuesday very popular
Couples seem to like the date 11-12-13 for a wedding.

The date is easy to remember and it adds a creative flair to the ceremony.

Todd Mayers and Dana Bryson are getting married at the Lubbock County Courthouse at 10 am on 11-12-13 to add another sequential number to the date.

Mayers said he's not afraid of forgetting their anniversary date now.

The next sequential date is December 13, 2014, or 12-13-14. After that the next sequential date won't be for almost 100 years on January 2, 2013, or 01-02-03.
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